Total Control

The all-electric AGA Total Control is perfect for busy families or those who require greater flexibility from their range. Retaining the iconic AGA design, this new generation cooker can be turned on and off at the touch of a button and has fast heat-up times. 

AgA Total Control 3-oven in White
On When You Need It, Off When You Don’t

The AGA Total Control is an electric range cooker engineered for greater versatility. Built for modern life, each oven and hotplate can be switched on and off as required, helping to reduce running costs and energy consumption.

The ovens put useful heat into the room – meaning you can enjoy that lovely AGA warmth when you want it – but can be turned off when you don’t, such as at the height of summer, overnight or when you’re not at home. 

There’s also a slumber setting for when you’d like a cosy kitchen but the ovens aren’t in use. The energy saving hotplates are designed to be on only when you’re using them.

AGA Total Control in cream with open door
Touch-Screen Control Panel

The AGA Total Control offers the same iconic design as more traditional AGA models and cooks food with the same gentle radiant heat. The difference is found under the enamelled exterior, where state-of-the-art technology is hard at work.

Using the touch-screen control panel, the hotplates and ovens can be individually controlled so they are only on when required.

Alternatively, program the remote control handset to schedule the ovens to come on automatically for one or two cooking cycles per day, seven days a week. 

Pizza cooking in the AGA Total Control cast-iron ovens
3-oven model

The 3-oven model of the AGA Total Control range is approximately 100cm wide and provides as many as ten different ways to cook.

Designed with three cast-iron ovens, including a Baking oven, Roasting oven and Simmering oven, the AGA Total Control offers a variety of cooking abilities. The cast-iron ovens provide even, radiant-heat for kind-to-the-food cooking, helping to lock in flavour and goodness. 

There are two large  AGA hotplates, one for boiling and one for simmering, offer further versatility and can accommodate extra-large pans or may be used as a griddle cooking surface. 

AGA Total Control 5 oven in Cream
5-oven model

The AGA Total Control is also available as a 5-oven range cooker, further extending its functionality.

The additional features of the 5-oven model are a slow cooking oven, a warming oven and the choice of either a warming plate or a single-zone induction hob.  Induction cooking provides a safe, quick and efficient way to cooking. Great for larger kitchens, the AGA Total Control 5-oven option is approximately 150cm wide.